International Conference on Melayu Identity: in Humanities Perspektive

6th  7thNovember 2017

Jabung Barat is an expansion from Tanjung Jabung Timur, also splendid of their cultural inheritance. The prominent relic mostly found from archaeological research was from Classical Period, for example Chinese Ceramics and other trade goods.

Area alongside Batanghari River has a key-role in trade market and also the key to cultural civilization of Melayu Jambi. Without those area alongside Batanghari River, it would be impossible to occur a trade relationship from upstream and downstream, up to the river estuary, which is known as Tanjung Jabung. Besides economic-social relationship, natural spreading and its society characteristics induced Melayu culture which has a thematicaly-specific. This Melayu civilization has its own exclusive characteristic, unique, and iconic that occurs Melayu Jambi civilization from Classical period to Modern Period.

One of the cultural inheritances from Classical Period that represented Melayu Ancient civilization is Muara Jambi Buddhist Temple Complex. Predestined, with trade network created a big community as the first form of Melayu Jambi society. Cultural and historical connection between Muara Jambi Temple and coastal area and the other area in South East Asia are pointed to the greater existence and the influences of culture and civilization of Melayu in South-East Asia. It is obvious, Jambi was once a great region in the past, in its interelatedness of education, trade, art, and culture. This International Conference theme will be “Melayu Culture Identity: In Humanities Perspective” which will be held in Humanities Faculty, we will excavate Melayu culture Identity and promote Melayu Jambi as the center of civilization of Melayu in the past and present time.

Keynote Speaker:

  1. Jonathan Zilberg, Ph.D (an archaeological expert in South-East Asia)
  2. Prof. Dr. Aulia Tasman, M.Sc (Melayu Expert/ Jambi University)
  3. Maizar Karim, M.Hum (Melayu Expert/ Jambi University)

Converence Venue:

Rectorate and G Building Humanities Faculty of Jambi University

Call for Paper


  1. Academics from Local Universities and International Universities.
  2. Cultural-observant society
  3. Cultural society
  4. Government agencies and non-government organizations
  5. Jambi University students


  1. Melayu Identity in Archaeological and Historical Perspective
  2. Value of local wisdom in Melayu Language and Literature (ideas, critiques, consepts, and newest researches)
  3. Treasury of music, dance, and Melayu drama from time to time
  4. Melayu Urban and Pop Culture
  5. Leadership and education in Melayu Culture

Important Dates:

Abstract submission deadline: October 11, 2017

Notification of abstract acceptance : October 12-17, 2017

Full paper submission deadline: October Oktober 30, 2017

Participation registration deadline: November 30, 2017

Contact Person:

Fitri(Whatsapp +087781743357)

Sovia (Whatsapp +081363424356)

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